The Grey Marshes – Becky

I did a thiiing

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Radiate Literary Journal

This short story, “The Grey Marshes” by Becky, showcases a fierce girl named Helga choosing her next step in life.

The marsh had always felt like Helga’s home, in all of its emptiness. The place was bare and open and alone. One lone tree stood out in the center of the marsh, its leaves fallen to the ground after the last frost. It was bleached grey like everything else out there, stripped of color. There would be no color out on the marsh for several months, not until the cold season was over.

Helga stood by the water, gripping an axe in her hand. Her dark hair was braided down her back, her ears almost pointed, her skin a deep copper brown. The icy water soaked through her shoes and soaked the hem of her finest blue dress, a dress she might have worn to a wedding. She was not…

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