Fantasy Fandom tag

So I had a wild week. First something very weird and probably magical happened to me (no, seriously, I walked into the campus gym and ended up in a completely different building and I’m pretty sure I was put under a glamour), I came out to my parents as nonbinary which did not go extremely well but I’m mostly okay, and my counselor told me I’m autistic and have ADHD (absolutely not the worst thing that’s happened to me this week and I’m pretty happy with this, actually!). But yeah, it’s been a lot.

Anyway, I got tagged by Jenelle to do a wonderful tag she created about fandoms!

  • What’s the first fandom you remember becoming a part of?

I read Fellowship of the Ring at age seven, which makes it my first novel! I don’t remember it being that hard for me, and my theory is that I read lots of saint stories written in a more literary style, so I already had a large vocabulary from that. Anyway, Lord of the Rings holds so much nostalgia for me, and Pippin is my favorite character and has so many ADHD vibes (yes I WILL celebrate finally going to a counselor by dumping all my headcanons on you)

  • What’s the newest fandom you’ve come to enjoy?

I legitimately have no idea. My fandoms all exist in some gelatinous space in my brain and I do not know when they enter or when they leave.

I’ve been watching a drama called Mr Queen lately though, and I’ve been enjoying it so far! It’s about a playboy who gets sent back in time to Joseon–but he’s in a girl’s body, and then things take a turn for the bisexual. I think it’s a remake of Go Princess Go?

  • What’s a fandom guaranteed to give you feels?

Untamed 😭 I really got into all the queer stuff with chivalric vibes at age 17. (If you know of any stories that fit this description, please! Rec me some stuff!) This story…It is epic fantasy, but it takes time to really get into the little stuff too. Like yes, Wei Wuxian is solving mysteries and trying his best to stop the Wen sect from taking over, but also Lan Zhan likes rabbits and that is also very important.

Anyway, the relationships set up in this story (not just the romantic ones!) are so well done and so beautiful and…

If I die, at least I will die by your hand, Hanguang-jun.


Also, Wei Wuxian has ADHD and Lan Zhan is autistic. I don’t make the rules. Like it’s not canon because they’re in ancient China but they REALLY feel like they’re coded that way to me.

  • What’s a guilty pleasure fandom of yours?

Pfft. I don’t have guilty pleasure fandoms. I don’t feel guilty about anything–

Okay, maybe I have one guilty pleasure fandom.

  • What’s the weirdest fandom you’ve heard of/are a part of?

I’m not going to get into the weirdest fandoms I’ve ever heard of, because that’s a conversation that would go on forever (probably Supernatural, though), but the weirdest fandoms I’m a part of is a conversation that would go on forever, too.

Let’s see, Untamed is obviously deeply weird (*coughTortoiseofSlaughterisagirlbosscough*), Twilight is deeply deeply weird, My Country is weird in that none of the writing decisions make sense but it somehow manages to hold together by the skin of its teeth, all of Arthuriana feels like it was written by people on shrooms…You get the picture.

  • Favorite popular/widely-known fandom?

…Probably Arthuriana? Not everyone knows the nitty-gritty details, but most people (in America, at least?) know SOMETHING about it.

  • Favorite bookish fandom?

I can’t make choices, send help!

The one that’s fresh on my mind is We Hunt the Flame, though, because I just finished the sequel and it was Very Good. It’s not a perfect book–some dumb stuff happens in places–but it’s so beautifully self-indulgent and the writing style is so good. People call Nasir the Prince of Death, because that’s not overdramatic at all. And let’s not forget Nasir’s slutty, perpetually done brother. This book has everything. Angst. Found family. Stupidity. I could go on.

  • What do you consider your ‘homebase’, a fandom you can always come back to?

Arthuriana, so much. I love those idiots and the absolutely insane things they go through.

But also probably Untamed. It feels so nostalgic for me, even though I only got into it a couple years ago.

  • What’s a fandom you know all about…but aren’t actually into it?

*slides you my essay-length posts on Every Popular YA Novel because I am a grinch*

No, seriously, I had negative hyperfixations on some of these books. (Does anyone else get that? Where it’s exactly like a hyperfixation but you hate the thing? It’s honestly annoying to experience.)

Oh, also Redwall when I was nine but let’s not talk about that.


  • Which fandom has the best characters?

i am dead

pls don’t ask me to make decisions

It’s Untamed. I will answer Untamed for every question and you can’t stop me

  • Name your all-time favorite ship.

Uhhh Wei Wuxian/Lan Zhan? Gawain/Lancelot? Hua Cheng/Xie Lian? Seon-ho/Hwi? Xuanji/Sifeng? Emma Woodhouse/Frank–(*gets shot by Jane Austen fans before I can finish the sentence*)

  • What’s a fandom you’re curious about joining?

The Gothic literature fandom seems like it really has it going on. I too want to fantasize about committing crimes against humanity and swanning around in medieval castles.

I tag:


I have no idea who all would be interested in doing this. If you’re interested, go ahead!

19 thoughts on “Fantasy Fandom tag

  1. *Jane Austen fan considers shooting you, but decides not to because it’s ok to have different opinions*

    (but that one is WRONG)

    This post made me smile so thank you. I may steal this tag depending on how motivated I am to blog…

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  2. Wow, I am impressed that you read The Fellowship of the Ring when you were seven! When I was seven I was struggling to get through The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. The Lord of the Rings didn’t make its glorious appearance until I was ten. 🙂 I love Pippin so much. He was my favorite for a long time and at this point I adore the four hobbits in that book so much that it’s impossible to choose a favorite. They are ALL my favorite and I love them SO MUCH.
    All right, hobbits get me excited, but other things to talk about…um…
    Never mind, maybe there isn’t.
    This is a cool tag, and it was fun to read your answers though I am unaware of most of the things you talked about. I may steal it or I may forget to do that. But it would be fun if I remembered.

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    • Not me being a couple months late answering comments…YOU SAW NOTHING.
      Pippin is amazing and I love him! Same on the hobbits, though, they’re ALL so amazing, but Pippin has a slight edge with me.
      Totally steal the tag if you want! I forget to do tags for all the time though, including stuff I was actually tagged in, so I do vibe with that sentiment

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  3. That certainly looks like an…..interesting week.
    And, awww, coming out is hard enough even if it goes perfectly, so sorry that it didn’t go well. *sends hugs and cookies*
    Wait, you read The Fellowship of the Ring when you were SEVEN? That is seriously impressive. Also, yes, Pippin is amazing!
    Nah, don’t worry, I won’t shoot you for that controversial ship. I have plenty of controversial opinions myself.
    Ooh, gothic literature does seem really interesting, though I haven’t read much of it.
    This is such a great tag! Would you mind terribly if I stole it?

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    • Thank you, it was a bit rough but I’m okay!
      I love Pippin so much! He’s great 💙
      Yes, she was such an adorable little fox! I loved her 😭
      Looks like I’ve survived another day! I have so many ships that are trash but I ship it anyway, lmao. I think I like dynamics with slightly messed up characters (or very messed up, I can go in for that too sometimes). I’d love to get more into Gothic literature once I have time to read more!
      You can totally steal the tag!


  4. This post made me laugh so many times, bless you

    Okay the gymnasium story WHAT. That’s so weird and it’s also proof that this world is a fantasy novel. I remember my dad and I once stayed at a hotel and the weirdest things would happen to me…I’d go into one kind of unusual-looking door and it’d lead to this amazing bakery place, and then the next day I’d go into it again and it would lead somewhere COMPLETELY DIFFERENT. I think I would find that disturbing nowadays, but I was nine at the time and completely enchanted by the adventury-ness. XD

    It’s the coolest thing ever that you read Fellowship when you were seven. I love that. (And while I say Pippin is my least favorite hobbit and I guess he is…I still love him with ALL of my too-small Grinch heart and MORE. He’s a darling.)

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    • I’m sorry it took me literal months to reply to this lmao *hangs head* I’m really glad I made you laugh, though!

      WOW THAT IS SO COOL I WISH I COULD HAVE BEEN THERE. Magical bakeries and doorways are always cool. I feel like weird things happen to me a lot? Like I’ve heard the wind’s voice in my head since I was a kid, and one time I was on a walk and it was beginning to rain, and I asked him to not let it rain until I got home. I ran all the way home and it didn’t rain until I got under the tree in my yard, and then it all started pouring. Idk I guess there’s always the possibility I’m delusional but I agree with you that real life is kind of a fantasy world? I’ve also seen demons and saints in my dreams and had the rare prophetic one, but I’ve met a lot of people with experiences like that.

      It’s so hard to pick a favorite hobbit. I’ll SAY Pippin is my favorite, but inside I always feel like I’m leaving out Frodo and Sam and Merry when I do. Frodo and Pippin are definitely the most relatable ones for me, though. Like if I had to describe my personality using two characters, Frodo and Pippin wouldn’t be too far off.

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  5. I am so here for Pippin appreciation!! He is the best, and I love him dearly.
    “REDWALL IS PRO-MICE PROPAGANDA. DON’T LISTEN TO IT.” XD I’ve been hazily aware of Redwall for a long time, but I really don’t know much about it. But the foxes and ferrets are evil?? Definitely pro-mice propaganda. Foxes and ferrets are darling.

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  6. In no particular order:

    – I wish a fox would cuddle MEEEEE

    – Am sorry the coming out to family didn’t go very well. :/ But I hear today is Trans Visibility Day, and a nonbinary identity is at minimum adjacent to a trans one, so happy day to you!

    – While I have not sought an official diagnosis, I have done some reading, taken some quizzes, and looked back on a lifetime of clues, all of which comes together to strongly suggest that I, too, am autistic! (It’s apparently quite common for autists raised as girls to not get diagnosed/have a revelation until their 30s or later, so sounds like my only having this epiphany a few weeks ago is par for the course.)

    – I do not have ADHD, but my Will Scarlet does, and he is soooooo Pippin, so that all tracks XDD

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    • Sorry it took me so long to reply!

      The fox was so sweet and fluffy, I loved her.

      Thank you! My parents have kind of come around since when I first came out. It took them a while to get used to, though, lol.

      Oh cool! I knew I had ADHD for a while, but it was hard for me to figure out I was autistic because I couldn’t tell which things were my ADHD and which were autism symptoms. There’s a bit of overlap between the two disabilities, I think.

      Okay, now I REALLY want to read your Robin Hood retelling…

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