The Identity Crisis Book Tag

Sophie (I love her name, btw) did a book tag this week, and while she didn’t tag anyone, I loved the tag so much? I had to do it. 🙂 It’s not like I have anything better to do then take a lot of quizzes, anyway. A plague is happening! I might as well have a bit of fun.

So, basically, I have to take a bunch of book quizzes and find out which characters I’m most like! I’m excited.

The Rules

  1. Take all the quizzes down below and record your answers somehow. I decided to just copy the text from each quiz and paste it into my post, but screenshots work too! Whatever floats your goat (Yes goat. I SAID WHAT I SAID).
  2. NO CHEATING. You get one shot to take each quiz my friends. I’m watching you. ∗Suspicious squinty eyes∗
  3. Use this post to give credit to the creator Loretta @ The Laughing Listener or tag me on twitter @LaughnListener so I can see everyone’s answers!!
  4. Tag some friends to spread the fun

(Sophie added a couple of quizzes and changed some of them, I think, so it’s a little different then how it was originally. Also, the quiz answers are in italics)


I barely remember this book. I think I read it when I was like…eleven? I thought it was dumb, but I was like eleven, lol. I’m not rereading it to find out, though!

(I chose Riverdale for the tv show and spite as my motivation lmao) (I don’t watch Riverdale but the clips I’ve seen of it were hilarious in the worst way possible and I loved them)

Jem Carstairs and Alec Lightwood!

You’re selfless yet guarded, protective and romantic. You value those around you more than yourself, and sometimes you need to be reminded to take a moment for yourself! You’re the friend that everyone loves to have around, even if you doubt it sometimes.

JEM?? I haven’t read the book he’s in. From what I heard, isn’t he the cute, sweet guy who’s always picking up the pieces after Tessa and Will’s toxic relationship? And he’s like, been poisoned or something? And Alec is the queer character, right?

I’ve never read the Infernal Devices and it’s been a really long time since I’ve read City of Bones, so I apologize if I got something wrong, but anyway, I couldn’t be happier with this result! Jem sounded like the best character in the book.

Throne of Glass

I know nothing about this book!

Chaol Westfall

You’re Chaol Westfall, Captain of the Guard: you’re loyal and dependable to the death, with a mind as sharp as the swords you wield. But watch that your sardonic sense of humour doesn’t come across as plain old sarcastic, and lighten up from time to time – who wants to be seen as a grump?

I…I guess? I don’t know who this is. Fun quiz though!

The Hunger Games

Katniss Everdeen

You are strong-willed, enduring, determined, and sacrificing. You are not afraid to speak your mind and there is no use in trying to change it, because you’re here to get down to business and to protect your loved ones, no matter who stands in the way.

As surprised as I am by this–I kind of thought I’d get Peeta–this makes a lot of sense. I think I am the most like Katniss. We’re both pretty guarded and we have a sharp, sarcastic sense of humor, I think.

Harry Potter

I legitimately have no idea which Harry Potter character I’m most like. Buzzfeed, inform me!

Neville Longbottom!!!

You’re awkward and clumsy and hate being the center of attention. But you’re brave and big-hearted and people can always trust you to help them out in a bad situation.

I mean, this does not describe me at all and Buzzfeed is wrong, but I still feel so lucky! I love Neville.

A Court of Thorns and Roses

I know nothing about this book other than what Cindy said about it! (From the youtube channel Read with Cindy. She’s hilarious. I feel like I have a good idea of what the book is about just from her.)


You are Amren. You can come of as vain, cunning, and temperamental, but under all that you can be caring. You prefer being by yourself. Nearly everyone is terrified of you and don’t want to get on your bad side, because you would make there life worse than hell. You only have a small group of friends and you would do anything for them, and them for you.

Okay, I have no idea who this is, but I feel like I’m getting a lot of the mean characters here and it’s starting to be kind of funny. In case you’re wondering, yes, most online quizzes have told me I’m a Slytherin.

The Raven Cycle

If I don’t get Gansey the quiz is wrong

Update: I got Richard Gansey!!

Ah, Gansey. You really know how to get people together and you probably have no idea how important that skill is. You’re likely invested in one particular subject or task, or you have a great interest in finding what someone might call “the meaning of your life”. Like Gansey, you’re a natural mediator. You have an almost supernatural trait which allows you to easily communicate with different kinds of people. A trait that makes you very likable amongst your peers and surroundings. Though, be careful not to hide your feelings under all that politeness. People are not made of plastic.

So, I’m not sure if the description fits me, because I’m not sure if I’m good at talking to people or not, but I definitely am a lot like Gansey in general. I love history and folklore, and I would drag my friends off on a silly quest to wake a sleeping, centuries-old king regardless of the consequences! (If I had friends, that is. XD ) But seriously, I’ve always really related to Gansey. I’m probably a mixture of Gansey and Ronan, because I like learning things but I’m also really angry a lot


This book is such a guilty pleasure for me.


Hey, Jasper. Howdy there! You’re quite reserved, but we know there’s a whole lot of personality underneath that icy undead skin of yours. People look to you for leadership in times of conflict — no one’s better at strategizing than you. Just remember: It’s OK to smile every once in a while.

So I am, apparently, the Confederate soldier who wants to eat people. Yay!

I’m even from the South. The quiz knew. *sobs* I’m so sorry, everyone. Is it bad that I find this hilarious?

The Cruel Prince

I hated this book lmao

I’m going to say I’m most like Madoc, though! I related to him most, at least


You are strong and once you make a decision, you won’t back down. Your resilience is both admirable and terrifying at the same time.


Whatever. I’m most like Madoc.

Lunar Chronicles

Fun fact! I have never read any of these books.


Step-daughter of Queen Levana. She regarded as the most beautiful person on Luna, even with three scars across her face, which are rumored to have been caused by a jealous Levana. She refuses to use her Lunar gift of glamouring and manipulation and has slowly been driven crazy as a result.

She sounds cool!

Percy Jackson

If I don’t get Nico it’s the quiz’s fault, not mine! I have related to that kid since I was a wee eleven-year-old.

Magnus Chase

You’re super resourceful and self-reliant, although this can encourage your loner instincts. But when you make friends, you stick up for them. You just do this in your own clever, funny way, avoiding conflict unless absolutely necessary. But hey, we know you’re not averse to mixing it up if you have to. The fact that you can make it all look so easy, all while focusing on diet and fitness? Teach us your ways, Einherji.

What? I don’t even know who this is. Whatever.

An Ember in the Ashes

I loved this book a lot


Like Elias, who doesn’t want the violent life of a soldier that’s been carved out for him and is fighting for his soul, you value freedom above all else.

I knew I’d get this cinnamon bun! I love this boy.

Six of Crows

I didn’t really like this book either…*hides* *I’m sorry it’s my fault* I hope I get Wylan or Inej, though. They were both really cool.


Okay, before I post the description, I have to say, WHAT? I’m so mad.

You are most like Kaz, a criminal prodigy and rising star among Ketterdam’s gangs. Cunning, quick-witted, and a born leader, you are a planner who leaves nothing to chance. But beware: though you excel at trickery, you’re dangerously good at fooling yourself.

Okay, okay, maybe the ‘dangerously good at fooling yourself’ part MIGHT be true, under certain circumstances. I’ll be right back, I have to become a seventeen-year-old Gary Stu mob boss and pull off a heist. (I’m eighteen, though. This is already going to be hard.)

I would like to apologize to everyone’s problematic faves I insulted! I love YA, but I love bashing YA more. This was such a hilarious and fun thing to do (I still can’t believe I got JASPER of all people, that was probably the funniest one to me).

Okay, and before I forget (because I’ve been forgetting for about a month), I am now on Goodreads! Or something. I still can’t figure out how Goodreads works, and I’ve accidentally posted a review before I was ready twice now, so that’s fun!

Anyway, I’m not tagging anyone, but if you want to do this, feel free. 😉


12 thoughts on “The Identity Crisis Book Tag

  1. Oh my word, I loved this post! All of your answers were so fun! And this tag looks so fun! I may have to steal it… 🙂

    Ooh, you’ve never read the Lunar Chronicles? You definitely should! They are sooo good. And Winter is awesome!! ❤

    AAH YES Gansey is the best!! That whole series just gives me all the feels… T_T

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you!! Definitely feel free to take the tag!

      I read parts of the second book (it was what my sister had lying around), but I could never get into the writing style, unfortunately. :\ It did look really good, though! I’m just not sure if it’s for me?

      Gansey is amazing. I love the series so much 😭


  2. Um I just took the Six of Crows one for fun and I AM KAZ TOO. ugh. kill me now.
    (But seriously WHy? hOW AM I ANYTHING LIKE KAZ???)

    Anyway this is fun!
    The quiz knew you were from the South, that’s hilarious. XD XD
    Winter does sound really cool. I keep debating about reading those books. I saw Scarlet at the library once and flipped through it and didn’t like the writing style, but….some of the characters sound awesome, maybe? idk?

    Also, no one can figure out Goodreads, it’s okay. Goodreads is kind of terrible, but it’s also really nice for keeping track of books and having a place to spill rants and stuff so I like it. Even though I hate it. You know? (I’m also debating sending you a friend request? Would you mind that? [Why would you mind? I have no idea. You could always decline it if you did. {Maybe the truth is I would mind having my friend request declined. Now it all makes sense! I am just being insecure! Lovely.}])

    Liked by 1 person

    • Maybe we ARE like Kaz…That’s depressing. I know I’m nothing like Wylan, but I hoped I’d at least get Inej! I’m not a seventeen-year-old Gary Stu! I’m not emotionally distant with my romantic partner (because I don’t have a romantic partner BUT if I had one I would not be emotionally distant with that person)!

      Lmao Buzzfeed is stalking me
      I couldn’t get into the writing style of those books either! Also, I didn’t like the worldbuilding. I appreciate the effort to write sci-fi China and France, but it REALLY felt exactly like your average sci-fi America, and I think the books could have been really good with some more research, so it’s kind of a shame! But yeah, I never was able to get into the series.

      Okay, that makes me feel better. I feel the exact same way about the site? It’s terrible, but it’s nice to keep track of books. I would love it if you sent me a friend request! If I don’t get back to it, it’s because I had trouble with Goodreads, not because I didn’t want to, lol. So don’t worry!

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  3. Yay I love that you did this post and reading your answers has been so fun!! Like so fun !! Also thank you for linking back to my post and I am so happy I inspired this awesome post !! Thank you for your kind words !! ❤
    I haven't read any TMI books but Jem does seem a great character !!
    Ahh… Chaol is my favourite character in ToG so I think that is a good one !!
    Yay to Katniss, we both got her and she is amazing, plus I can definitely relate to her in some ways.
    I love Neville too !!
    Cindy's vlogs for ACOTAR are art and accurate, ahha !!
    Gansey is amazing and I love that you relate to him!! And you got him when you knew that you would !! YESSS !!
    And Elias, he is so precious !!!
    I was so surprised that I got Kaz as well but apparently everyone does so I don't know if something is rigged with the quiz haha !! GREAT POST !! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • Aww, thank you so much *blushes* You’re welcome! I loved your post as well.
      I know, same! Jem seems cute, but I’ve never read the books so I can’t say for sure!
      Oh, yay! I’m glad I got your favorite character 😊
      Katniss is really cool, I’m glad I got her.
      Cindy’s vlogs made me laugh so much. Her sense of humour is so creative.
      Gansey is just…a beautiful character, and I’m happy you like Elias, too!
      Lol, I don’t know what happened, then! Maybe we’re all teenage mob bosses at heart 💙 Thank youuu

      Liked by 1 person

  4. “I love YA but I love bashing YA more” HAHAHAHAHAHA okay that was funny. *clears throat and straightens tie* I relate.

    But wait. Becky. Wait. You said that Winter “sounds cool.” Does this mean–am I right in assuming–does the choice of the word “sounds” imply–that you have NEVER READ THE LUNAR CHRONICLES? Oh Becky. They’re like…the only books on this list that I’ve actually read all the way through and they’re beautiful.

    Gansey is also beautiful. I love Gansey. A lot.

    This was a really fun post. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Heh, don’t we all, though. I’m glad I made you laugh XD

      No, I never have read those books! They look really good, but I just never got into them? I don’t know why, something about the writing style just didn’t click with me. I might try again, though

      Gansey is so amazing! I love that boy.

      Thank you!


  5. THIS IS SUCH A COOL TAG OMW. I totally agree that you aren’t a Kaz XD but Gansey!!!! Gansey is the most precious ever!! I love him with my whole heart 🥺😍. Btw Magnus Chase is a GREAT character with like nothing in similar to Nico at all except he’s dead XD. He’s from the Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard and he’s a SMOL I LOVE HIM.
    I love your commentary XD

    Liked by 1 person

    • I think so too! Okay, THANK YOU. The idea of me being Kaz has been haunting me (not really, but you know). Gansey is the actual best! I love him so much! Okay, I’ve never read any of Riordan outside the main Percy Jackson series, so that makes sense that I’ve never heard of Magnus. I’m glad I got a character you love though!! That makes me rest a little easier. Thank you!!

      Liked by 1 person

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